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Choose a training provider

Once you’ve decided on the type of apprenticeship your business needs, you’ll need to create an apprenticeship service account. After you’ve done this, you can choose a training provider to train your apprentice.

To choose a training provider, use the find apprenticeship training service. It allows you to:

  • choose an apprenticeship training course
  • choose a course at the right level and skills
  • check the availability of training providers at the apprenticeship location
  • view employer reviews
  • share your interest in an apprenticeship training course with all training providers

Your training provider doesn’t have to be located near you as many are national and offer training at your workplace and online.

Things to consider

Choosing a training provider that’s right for your business is really important.

Consider things like:

  • how well they communicate with you about the training
  • what other employers say about them
  • what apprentices say about them

Working with your training provider

Your training provider can provide you with as much help and support as you need when you take on an apprentice.

It’s up to you how you work together. Just ask them any questions you have.

If you’re still not sure, you can contact us.

Your training provider can help you:

  • find the right training
  • recruit and interview apprentices
  • prepare your apprentice for the workplace
  • make sure your apprentice is working in an appropriate environment
  • make sure your apprentice is learning the relevant skills for your business


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